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Flight attendants are at risk of back injuries on the job

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Worker Compensation |

Flight attendants have physically demanding jobs in conditions that are sometimes unpredictable.

The work conditions and the duties of these professionals can lead to considerable injuries. One type of injury that might occur in a flight attendant work-related scenario is a back injury. These can range from more common strains and sprains to much less common fractures.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries, such as back strains and sprains are possible when the flight attendant has to lift heavy or awkward objects. This includes helping passengers put their luggage in the overhead bins. Pushing the beverage and snack carts is another common duty of a flight attendant that may lead to a back injury.

Other repetitive motions, such as having to bend over to wipe seats or position seat belts between flights can also strain the back. Because of this, flight attendants must be provided the proper tools and told the correct technique to perform any task.

Other back injuries

Other back injuries are also possible. These often stem from turbulence or rough landings. In 2022, a flight attendant suffered a fracture in her upper back. She was in a jump seat at the rear of the plane when it landed at a California airport. She said she thought the plane had crashed.

Turbulence in the air is another challenge for flight attendants. When it occurs without warning while they’re not in their seats, they can suffer a fall that leads to a back injury, sometimes because they hit a seat or something else as they fall.

Any flight attendant who suffers any injury while working should ensure they get prompt medical attention. Back injuries can often become worse if they aren’t properly treated, so waiting and hoping that an injury gets better is risky. Workers’ compensation should cover the expenses of medical care and may provide other benefits. A legal representative can help an injured flight attendant to receive the workers’ compensation benefits they’re due.