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Is being a flight attendant a dangerous job?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Working as a flight attendant was once a particularly glamorous career. There were more applicants than open positions, and people felt intensely jealous of those who held such positions. Working as a flight has become something closer to a customer service role in recent decades.

Airlines have a more difficult time filling vacant positions than they once did. Still, there are many perks that come from working as a flight attendant. Those perks include frequent travel and an exciting work environment that changes with every flight. The downsides of working as a flight attendant include maintaining unpredictable schedules, demand for work on the weekends and limited freedom over holidays.

Those who work as flight attendants may also have to accept an elevated degree of risk at work. Despite seeming like a relatively straightforward profession, working as a flight attendant can actually be relatively dangerous.

Violence is a serious safety concern

People often think of plane crashes as the primary safety risk for flight attendants. However, such incidents are incredibly rare. What is much less rare is a violent interaction with a surly or intoxicated passenger. Some people have adverse reactions to the medications they take to control flight anxiety. Others drink too much on a plane or before boarding. Many people simply have emotional outbursts because of the stress and expense of airline travel. Violent incidents on airplanes increased significantly in 2021. Flight attendants can end up with serious injuries because of the aggressive behavior of passengers.

Flight attendants are at risk of cancer

Another occupational safety concern for those in the air travel sector is increased exposure to radiation. Those who spend many hours per week at significant elevations inside aircraft have higher levels of radiation exposure than those who only travel on airplanes occasionally. Research has shown that flight attendants develop various forms of cancer at higher rates than the general public.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits can help protect flight attendants and other professionals from the financial ramifications of injuries and illnesses related to work. Filing a benefits claim can help workers replace lost wages and pay for their medical treatment if they develop medical issues caused by their job.