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walk signalBus accidents in which the victim is a pedestrian can be especially serious. The impact may cause the pedestrian to suffer multiple serious injuries and may also result in the victim becoming permanently disabled. These injuries can include broken bones, ligament damage, nerve damage, and more. The result may end up with the victim having a lifetime of pain and medical care. That is why it is important to make sure you have capable Illinois pedestrian accident attorneys working for you to ensure you get the full recovery you deserve.

The Chicago Transit Authority’s settlement of a Magnificent Mile pedestrian’s case, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, shows just how extensive the harm can be. The 25-year-old woman was walking in the Magnificent Mile area on Jan. 29, 2014 when an event the opposite of magnificent took place. She attempted to cross Michigan Avenue when a Chicago Transit Authority bus struck her. The pedestrian had waited to cross with the “walk” light in her favor, but the bus driver, who was making a right turn when she hit the pedestrian, neither stopped nor slowed down, according to the injured pedestrian’s lawsuit.

When the bus ran over her feet, it crushed both of them. This resulted in multiple bone fractures in each foot. The extent of the woman’s harm wasn’t limited to the broken bones. She also asserted that the accident resulted in her developing a type of nerve injury that is not uncommon in instances in which a body part is crushed. That nerve injury allegedly inflicted severe pain and forced the pedestrian to undergo extensive therapy, with a lifetime of future care required to deal with pain caused by the nerve damage.

Party BusWhen you are injured in a bus accident, you may have multiple different ways that you can secure a legal recovery for the damages you suffered. If the driver of the bus drove the vehicle in a manner that was not consistent with reasonable standards of safety, that may create liability. If the owner did not maintain the bus properly in terms of safety or if the bus had safety issues in the way it was manufactured, these too could create a viable case. However you’ve been injured in a bus accident, you should contact knowledgeable Illinois bus accident counsel to help you protect and pursue your case.

One tragic recent bus accident situation involved a suburban Chicago man. Jimmy was out with friends on the night of June 2, 2017 to celebrate the birthday of a former co-worker. To facilitate the festivities and promote safety, none of the group was driving – they traveled aboard a party bus. At a little before 3:00 am, the group was still traveling and partying. They were headed northbound on the Tri-State Tollway when Jimmy got up to turn up the volume on the bus’ radio, according to

However, as Jimmy reached for the volume knob, something went wrong. He tripped and fell, and, when he did, he tumbled down the bus’ stairs toward the doors. When he hit the doors, the doors flung open, leaving Jimmy to fall out of the bus and onto the surface of the I-294 travel lane immediately to the bus’ right. The driver of an SUV, who did not stop, ran over Jimmy and killed him, according to the Patch report.

Chicago TaxiAchieving full and complete success in your Chicago personal injury case is about many things. One of the keys to success in many cases is including all of the available defendants in your action. Suing only an individual person (such as an employee) may mean that, even if you win, you may have a more difficult time recovering the full amount of your damages, especially if the trial court gives a substantial award. Including employers and other entities may enhance your odds of getting your full recovery in some cases. An experienced injury attorney can help you make sure that your case is constructed to give you the full recovery you need.

A recent injury plaintiff, Edward, was a self-employed installer of computerized dispatch equipment in taxi cabs who was hurt when a man drove a taxi cab into Edward, pinning one of his legs between the vehicle and a fence. The impact caused serious injuries to Edward.

The man who was driving the cab at the time was a part-time manager employed by the company that owned the cab. When Edward filed suit for the damages he suffered from his injury, he sued the manager and the company that employed the manager. However, he also named another defendant in his negligence case, a limited liability taxi dispatch company.

truckA grandmother of five was driving across a Northern Illinois highway in March 2013 when she encountered an accident ahead. An allegedly drunk driver had lost control, crossed the median, and hit a guardrail. The grandmother stopped. The truck driver traveling behind her in the same lane did not. Although the trucker was a considerable distance behind the woman, he nevertheless slammed into her vehicle at an alleged speed of around 60 mph. The crash killed the grandmother and triggered a lawsuit that recently ended with the jury finding for the plaintiff and assessing damages at $15 million, according to a National Law Review report. The case highlighted the massive damage that can arise in truck accidents and the potential usefulness of modern technological varieties of evidence, such as “dashcam” video footage, all of which are things that your Illinois truck accident attorney can help you compile and present as part of your case.

The woman’s daughter, who launched the wrongful death case against the trucker and his employer, pursued the case with multiple approaches. There was evidence, including the “dashcam” video of the driver and the accident, which potentially indicated that the truck driver was drowsy or asleep in the moments leading up to the fatal crash. That was one key thrust of the plaintiff’s case:  that the truck driver was negligent as a result of his decision to operate the vehicle while fatigued.

The plaintiff did not limit herself to arguing that the trucker was liable for driving while fatigued, however. The plaintiff also argued that the truck driver “did not allow enough time or distance to safely stop, did not keep a proper lookout, drove too fast for conditions, … and did not apply his brakes.” The defense in this case argued that the trucker was not asleep or drowsy. The plaintiff’s alternative arguments meant that she could proceed, even if she never proved drowsiness. The deceased grandmother stopped legally and properly in the travel lane, due to a wreck in front of her. The trucker allegedly came up behind and rear-ended her at 60 mph, which could potentially demonstrate negligence even if the driver wasn’t asleep or sleepy.

motor coachIn an injury case, as with any civil action, one of the key aspects of the case is the discovery phase of the lawsuit. Whether your case is about liability and damages, or just damages, the discovery process is a vital part of the proceeding, and handling this aspect well can be key to achieving a successful outcome. You certainly want to make sure that you turn over those things that the law says you have to disclose, but you also don’t want to do anything that isn’t required and may weaken your case. In the case of an injured computer analyst, the Illinois Appellate Court issued a ruling recently, stating that he did not have to make discovery disclosures unless the trial court first made findings that the benefit outweighed the burden that would be placed on him.

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taxi cabsAchieving the result you need in a personal injury case is about more than just proving that you were hurt and that it was a foreseeable result of a negligent or intentional act or omission on someone else’s part. In many cases, it is about pursuing (and obtaining a judgment against) the right defendant. Win against a driver who makes $10 per hour for an auto accident that caused you to suffer $5 million in damages, and you may end up with an uncollectable judgment. Obtain a verdict against the driver and the corporate employer for which he was performing an errand when he hit you, and you may have a greater chance of achieving a more meaningful recovery.

One case in which this truth was on display was a matter recently decided by the Illinois Appellate Court. The victim was a lawyer who had hailed a cab to take him from a business meeting in Chicago to his home in the southwest suburbs. As the cab approached the Hinsdale exit off Interstate 294, the cab driver took the cloverleaf ramp, which had a posted speed limit of 25 mph, at speeds in excess of twice that. The driver lost control, and the minivan slipped off the ramp, then went airborne for 32 feet, and finally slammed into a retaining wall, at which point it was still going more than 40 mph upon impact.

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MegabusIf you are a Chicago-area resident who has been injured by someone else’s mistakes, you probably prefer to sue the wrongdoer here in Illinois. Having to carry out your case in some other state means having to hire out-of-state counsel instead of a local law firm, and it very likely means having to travel to this distant location for various events, including the trial. These are just a few of the reasons why it often pays to contest an opponent’s efforts to have a case moved out of state. In one set of cases arising from an Indiana bus crash, a group of Chicago-area plaintiffs successfully persuaded the courts that the rules regarding lawsuit forums did not require moving their injury actions to Indiana (and away from Cook County).

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uberUber’s self-driving vehicle service took a bit of a detour in March, when the company temporarily shut down the service in Phoenix and Pittsburgh after a self-driving Uber vehicle was involved in a crash in the Phoenix area. After the accident was determined to be the fault of the other driver, Uber quickly resumed the service, Reuters reported.

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Champaign-UrbanaA woman who was run over by a public bus in Champaign was able to receive a sizeable damages award that reflected the substantial injuries she suffered, which included the loss of both of her legs. According to, a Champaign County jury assessed the woman’s damages at $9.4 million and her husband’s damages at an additional $450,000.

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The ridesharing services Lyft and Uber have become extremely popular in recent years. Users may find these services to be more convenient and more economical than using traditional taxi services. But Lyft and Uber drivers are still drivers and still have the possibility of causing an accident due to their own negligence. Thus, with that in mind, what happens if you’re injured in an accident, and the person who hit you is a Lyft or Uber driver? Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may have a legal claim against Uber or Lyft for your crash

Several people have launched lawsuits against the ridesharing entities for personal injury damages or sometimes wrongful death. One of the first occurred in the wake of a fatal New Year’s Eve 2013 crash. Six-year-old Sophia Liu, her brother, and her mother were walking in a crosswalk (and with a green light) in San Francisco when they were struck by an Uber driver who was attempting to make a right-hand turn, according to The crash killed the girl.

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