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If you have been injured during the performance of your job, you may have a variety of options for obtaining compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. You may be entitled to pursue a civil lawsuit. In some circumstances, you may be entitled to do both. With any option will come certain benefits and certain possible complications, so you should be sure you have representation from a skilled Chicago injury attorney to help guide you through the process.

C.A.’s case was one in which he pursued both a workers’ compensation claim and a civil lawsuit. C.A. was a semi-truck driver who, one day in March 2015, was traveling along a highway in Grundy County when an accident occurred. D.R., another semi-truck driver, crashed his truck into C.A.’s truck. The accident caused C.A. to suffer substantial injuries.

The collision allegedly caused C.A. to suffer back, shoulder and knee injuries. In addition to filing a lawsuit in Illinois, C.A. also filed a workers’ compensation claim for benefits in Pennsylvania, which was where his employer was based. Eventually, C.A. settled the workers’ compensation case. In the settlement agreement that ended that action, the document stated that C.A. suffered a right knee strain – and only a right knee strain – as a result of the accident.

Driving an Uber or Lyft vehicle can be dangerous business. MarketWatch recently reported on the results of research conducted by a team from a university in Texas and the Chicago Booth School of Business. The results showed that the frequency of fatal or serious accidents has gone up by 3% in major U.S. cities in the time period since rideshare services went online. The researchers concluded that the total economic loss that this increase in serious and fatal accidents has wrought in terms of lives lost was approximately $10 billion.

If you’re hurt behind the wheel of an Uber or Lyft, you may be entitled to certain forms of compensation. One of the forms available to certain workers is an award of workers’ compensation benefits. To find more about whether or not you may be able to pursue a claim successfully, be sure to reach out to an experienced Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

In Illinois, the law does not require you to demonstrate that your employer acted in a way that was careless or negligent in order for you to receive an award of benefits. What you do need to show is that your injury happened while on the job or occurred as a result of activities you performed while at work.

Back in February, reported on an Uber driver who seriously injured two people when he crashed into a banquet hall in suburban Chicago. The accident caused substantial harm to a valet and a bystander standing at the front of the banquet hall in Streamwood.

This accident may trigger you to ask, what can you do legally if you’re injured by an Uber driver or a Lyft driver? Can you sue the rideshare service or is going after the driver alone your only option? Does your ability to sue the rideshare service go away if the rideshare driver was off-duty at the time of the accident? A recent case from here in Cook County offers potentially good news. As with any injury scenario, if you find yourself in that situation, you should reach out to a knowledgeable Chicago injury attorney promptly to discuss the details of your accident.

In the recent Chicago case ruling, an injured man was able to proceed against a rideshare service, even though the rideshare driver was off duty at the time of the accident. In that circumstance, the injured man was allegedly struck and injured by M.H., a driver for Uber. The injured man sued the driver and also sued Uber Technologies, Inc.

Whether you are on a city street or traveling along one of Chicago’s expressways, you are often at risk of being involved in a multi-vehicle crash. When you are injured in a multi-car accident, there may be various different methods available to you for getting compensation for the harm you suffered. Achieving the best possible result for getting the compensation you need for your injuries often requires detailed evidence, a clear understanding of exactly what happened in the crash and an in-depth knowledge of the law of liability. If you find yourself hurt as a result of a multi-vehicle accident, you should act without delay and contact a knowledgeable Chicago auto accident attorney.

The Chicago area has seen multiple fatal multi-car accidents this year. Early in the summer, a six-vehicle crash left one man dead and 12 people injured, according to a Journal & Topics report. In that accident, a 20-year-old man who allegedly was under the influence of drugs was driving northbound on Arlington Heights Road in Elk Grove Village at a high rate of speed when he entered the southbound lanes and crashed into five cars. The driver of the second of those cars died as a result of his injuries, according to the report.

Earlier in the year, ABC 7 Chicago reported on a nine-vehicle chain-reaction accident in the South Loop that also left one person dead and 11 people hurt. According to police, the driver of a white Mercedes suffered an apparent medical emergency while exiting the Eisenhower Expressway and then slammed into the rear of a Cadillac at a “high rate of speed.” The driver of the Cadillac was the crash’s single fatality, ABC reported.

Accidents involving trucks, due to those vehicles’ sizes and weights, have a significant chance of causing massive injuries, whether the truck collides with a driver, passenger, bicyclist or pedestrian. These serious accidents can take place, even if the truck was traveling at a low speed. If you are hurt by a commercial truck, you may be entitled to a wide array of types of damages. To ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, make a prompt move to contact a skilled Chicago injury attorney right away.

One commercial-truck-versus-pedestrian case from Chicago, as reported by the Cook County Record, settled recently. The pedestrian, C.P., was walking near the University of Illinois at Chicago in September 2015. The woman was walking near an intersection when a commercial truck slammed into her. Unfortunately for the woman, the truck did not stop right away. After the truck ran over her, it dragged her for another 60 feet.

In any type of case where you, as a pedestrian, are hit by a large truck, the injuries have the potential to be massive or even catastrophic. That’s true if the collision is just a straightforward impact. When you combine being dragged for 60 feet on top of an impact with a massive vehicle, you have a scenario where severe injuries are a near certainty.

Brain injuries can present a variety of symptoms and can impair victims in a number of ways. Obviously, there are people who suffer catastrophic brain injuries, which may cause the sufferer to experience massive cognitive impairments and delays. Many may never be able to work or care for themselves again. In addition to those injured people, however, there are those with less severe injuries, but those injuries can still have a major impact on the victim’s life. Because the brain is responsible for so many functions, even a mild or moderate injury can cause the sufferer to experience problems that get in the way of, or prevent, working or basic daily living. If you or a loved one has experienced such an injury, be sure you have a skilled Chicago injury attorney on your side to handle your case and ensure that you get every opportunity to obtain the compensation you deserve.

In a case recently reported upon by the Daily Herald, W.W. was driving his Honda motorcycle on a street in Oak Park when a woman allegedly turned her vehicle left and crashed into the motorcycle. The injuries the motorcyclist suffered were said to be major, including a torn knee ligament, broken ribs and a head injury. The head injury was possibly the worst, as it allegedly caused the motorcyclist to suffer a moderate and permanent brain injury, according to the report.

In W.W.’s case, his moderate brain injury had harmed the part of his brain that controlled concentration and control of emotions. Due to the crash, W.W. allegedly developed problems with anxiety, controlling his emotions and focusing. Clearly, when you have impairments like these, your employment prospects become substantially reduced.

When you are facing a situation where you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, identifying the right parties to pursue in your injury accident lawsuit can be vital to obtaining the outcome you need. In an injury accident, one of the entities (or sets of entities) that can be a very proper place to look is the auto insurance company (or companies) who may have an obligation to provide coverage. Many times, if an insurer’s obligation to provide coverage and pay a claim is not very obvious, the insurance company may fight aggressively to avoid paying anything. Fighting back against an insurance company that isn’t acting as it should is yet another area where your skilled and determined Chicago injury attorney can help you get to the end-point you desire.

An accident near Peoria presented this kind of challenge for one family. The crash was one that took place shortly before 1 a.m. one August night. The driver, M.S., was 16 and had only a restricted driver’s license. She was driving a car owned by the mother of her friend, M.R., and whose keys she had obtained from M.R. (The two girls disputed whether M.S. had permission to have the keys.)

Eventually, M.S. crashed the 2004 Pontiac into several parked cars. One of her passengers, M.H., was seriously injured, suffering a severe traumatic brain injury. M.H.’s mother sued on his behalf to recover damages.

Road rage and aggressive driving can take many dangerous forms. It might involve speeding, swerving, cutting off another driver with an abrupt lane change, “brake checking” (slamming on brakes in front of a tailgater to dissuade the tailgater from following too closely), passing on the shoulder or excessive use of a car horn or headlights/high-beams. Regrettably, road rage can also lead to auto accidents and serious injuries, including fatalities. Certainly, the best course of action when facing an aggressive driver is to avoid that person. If you cannot, and if you are injured in a road rage-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation in a civil case. As with any auto accident injury situation, reach out to a knowledgeable Chicago injury attorney to learn more about your options.

Recently, the Sun-Times covered the criminal case of a Chicago police dispatcher accused of attempted murder in a road rage case. The accused, K.M., and the alleged victim, S.G., were driving down South Ashland Avenue in Chicago. K.M. allegedly tried to cut off S.G., but S.G. blocked her. A verbal argument, complete with alleged racial slurs, ensued and S.G. tossed a large cup of soda into K.M.’s car. The pair ended up in a parking lot, where the verbal dispute turned physical. As the fight escalated, K.M. pulled a gun and shot S.G. in the chest, inflicting non-fatal injuries.

In the criminal case, K.M. was not convicted because the judge determined she acted in self-defense, the Sun-Times reported. However, in addition to the criminal case, K.M. also faced a civil suit pursued by S.G. Just because K.M. won her criminal case, that outcome does not automatically dictate that S.G. cannot succeed in her claim for civil damages, which is still ongoing in the courts.

Many times, a truck accident has the potential to change the lives of multiple people… and change them forever. Those killed have their lives cut needlessly short. The decedent’s loved ones must deal with the emotional and the financial fallout of the unexpected loss. Obviously, no amount of money can take the place of the love, support, companionship, affection and wisdom of a lost loved one. That undeniable fact does not, however, change another fact, which is that the untimely loss of a loved one may create a massive financial hardship for those left behind.

A fatally injured victim in his 40s may have had a spouse and teenage children at home, and that family likely relied in whole or in part upon that person’s income to make ends meet. A person in her mid 60s may also still be working and providing both emotional and financial support to her family members. A victim in his 20s may be newly married with an infant at home who relied on her in many ways. All of these families could have suffered incalculable emotional losses and extensive financial ones, as well. An experienced Chicago truck accident attorney can help you in this vulnerable time to deal with the legal side of your needs.

Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court entered a ruling in a long-running case involving a tragic accident in Will County. J.S. was a 66-year-old husband and father of two from Naperville who had made a career in the commercial lending business. J.S., along with T.S., a 42-year-old man from Seneca (as well as many other drivers), were traveling along northbound Interstate 55 near Plainfield when the lives of their families and many others would be forever changed. At a little before 10 a.m., there was a wreck along I-55 and that had caused a backup. D.H., a trucker from Utah hauling a load of potatoes from Idaho to Bolingbrook, did not notice the slowed traffic in front of her soon enough. She tried to stop, but her truck slammed into the vehicles in front of her.

Cars often weigh around 2,700 to 4,000 pounds. Pickup trucks, vans and SUVs weigh 4,000-6,000 pounds. A commercial truck carrying a full load might weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Clearly, the unavoidable physics associated with these numbers tells you that, in a collision between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, the amount of damage to the driver and passengers of the car/pickup/van/SUV can be catastrophic as the smaller vehicle will likely bear the brunt of the impact. The harm these people suffer can be horrific and permanently life-altering. The accident may create a need for a lifetime of medical care, and perhaps permanent disability. To get the financial recovery you need as a result of such a wreck, you may need to avail yourself to the legal system. If that happens to you in Illinois, be sure you have retained a skilled Illinois truck accident attorney to help you with your case.

A recent case that made news headlines demonstrates just how severe these damages can be. J.B., a mom of three, lost control of her pickup truck along a stretch of eastbound Interstate 20 in west Texas when she allegedly hit a patch of icy roadway. The pickup skidded across the roadway and into the westbound lanes. At that point, a commercial truck driver was headed westbound. The big rig slammed into the pickup.

The results of the crash were tragic. A report from indicated that the mom and the one child suffered substantial brain injuries. J.B.’s 12-year-old daughter was left with permanent paralysis that meant that she would be a quadriplegic for the rest of life, forever requiring 24-hour care. The accident killed J.B.’s 7-year-old son.