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A glitch in American Airlines’ pilot scheduling system means that thousands of flights during the holiday season currently do not have pilots assigned to fly them.

The shortage was caused by an error in the system pilots use to bid for time off…..

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A lot of people have a difficult time understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Both programs begin with the letter “M.” They’re both health insurance programs run by the government. People often ask questions about what Medicare and Medicaid are, what services they cover, and who administers the programs.

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“They had contracts to provide content or services, did that, and weren’t paid.”

– Joshua File, Katz Friedman Attorney

This week Katz Friedman Law office filed a lawsuit for a group of 38 Ebony magazine freelancers in Cook County Circuit Court, claiming they are collectively owed more than $70,000 for their work.

When you live in the land of opportunity and yours passes you by, a life that began with lofty dreams and unlimited potential can result in devastating humiliation.

I know because it happened to me……

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uberUber’s self-driving vehicle service took a bit of a detour in March, when the company temporarily shut down the service in Phoenix and Pittsburgh after a self-driving Uber vehicle was involved in a crash in the Phoenix area. After the accident was determined to be the fault of the other driver, Uber quickly resumed the service, Reuters reported.

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Christopher J. JohnsonCongratulations to Christopher J. Johnson on being named a Partner at Katz, Friedman Eagle Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck!! Chris handles Personal Injury Cases and has a special interest in trucking and auto accident claims. He represents his clients at the highest level and has an ongoing history of successful settlements and verdicts on behalf of those injured. We are very proud of Chris and are excited about his future at the firm!

Philip A BareckPhilip Bareck won the Appellate Court case of Dunteman v. Caterpillar which reestablished the principle that an employee’s self treatment of a work-related injury, at home, which worsens the condition is still work-related!

The Appellate Court unanimously reversed the Illinois Workers’ Compensation majority decision which had denied benefits and determined that as long as the work accident plays “a” role in the ultimate condition, it is still considered work-related.

Bareck has been interviewed and quoted concerning the impact of the Duntemandecision on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation System and has recently spoken at the WCLA Case law Seminar and Winnebago Bar Association concerning the case.

Philip A BareckRichard Johnson and Frank Bertuca were awarded the William J. Harte Amicus Volunteer Award for their work on the Amicus Curiae Committee during the past year. Johnson and Bertuca prepared a Friend of the Court Brief supporting a firefighter’s right to lifetime insurance arising out of an occupational injury. The Illinois Supreme Court will be addressing this case this Fall Session.

airplaneThe U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a final rule that bans the use and transport of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights. The ban applies to all U.S. and foreign airline carriers with scheduled flights into and out of the United States. When aviation accidents and injuries occur, a personal injury attorney can provide legal assistance for airline injury compensation.

In-flight Smoking

Today, virtually all U.S. airlines prohibit in-flight smoking to protect the health of passengers and prevent serious aviation accidents that result in airline injury compensation. The in-flight smoking timeline: