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handful of pillsA resident’s recent death at a Chicago-area nursing home has triggered a lawsuit against the facility, according to the Cook County Record. The deceased resident’s wife, who was also the special administrator for the estate of her husband, filed an action accusing the nursing home of his wrongful death. Unfortunately, acts of negligence occur too often in nursing homes around Illinois. In this case, the nursing home staff allegedly overdosed the man on his own medications, and that overdose contributed to his death.

The case arose from the death of John Hobart. After Hobart died, his wife sued Whitehall of Deerfield, the nursing home where her husband was a resident. The nursing home, the complaint alleged, committed negligence by failing to provide proper care to the now-deceased man. Specifically, the nursing home’s staff was negligent by failing to administer Hobart’s medications in a proper manner. Due to this lack of proper attention to the delivery of Hobart’s medications, the staff gave the man an excess of medicine, and, according to the lawsuit, this overdose contributed to Hobart’s death.

The Hobart case is not the only time recently that Whitehall has faced litigation for its alleged negligence. Last year, the Cook County Record reported on a woman named Helen Grilli, who also sued Whitehall in Cook County for negligence. According to Grilli’s lawsuit, Whitehall staff, over a period spanning roughly two and a half months, injured her by practicing careless judgment.

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