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20170531_130528-300x225 For the fifth consecutive year Attorney

Jason Carroll led team Party ROC!!! in the American Lung Association‘s  Fight for Air Climb at the Presidential Towers in Chicago.

The Fight For Air Climb is a unique fundraising event for the American Lung Association and the donations raised support research, education and patient programs to help the millions of Americans impacted by asthma, COPD, lung cancer, air pollution and other lung diseases.

MrdicalThe attorneys of Katz Friedman are proud of our reputation for providing consistent legal representation to clients throughout Illinois. We’re proud to announce that Best Lawyers has recognized three of our lawyers for their accomplishments. Being chosen for inclusion in Best Lawyers rankings is an honor bestowed upon a select group of lawyers. This year, Best Lawyers has recognized the efforts of Richard Johnson, Phil Bareck, and Stanley Eisenstein with these distinguished awards.

Richard Johnson has been honored as 2016’s Lawyer of the Year for Workers’ Compensation Law for claimants. Mr. Johnson joined Katz Friedman in 1983. Since then, he’s worked to establish the rights of injured workers in many precedent setting cases before the Illinois Supreme Court. Mr. Johnson’s knowledge and efforts are highly regarded by his peers.

“Workers have rights, and they need a strong advocate to help protect those rights. I’ve dedicated my career to enhancing employee protections within the workplace and I look forward to continuing my efforts,” commented Chicago workers’ compensation attorney Richard Johnson.

LawyerFollowing an announcement by twenty automakers, the auto accident lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck are hailing the initiative as one of the biggest breakthroughs in automotive safety in recent memory.

Recently, twenty major car manufacturers announced a voluntary initiative to equip new vehicles with automatic emergency braking systems by 2022. The systems are specifically designed to prevent auto accidents without input from the driver of the vehicle. Chicago car accident lawyers are offering praise for the initiative, which was signed on to by General Motors, Ford, Fiat, and many other automakers.

Along with auto accident lawyers across the nation, the insurance industry and the US Department of Transportation are pleased with the commitment to have automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems as the standard in the auto industry. The agreement was reached due to the efforts of insurance providers, the Department of Transportation, and automakers working together to craft a feasible path for introducing the safety measure. AEB systems employ a variety of sensors, including radar, to detect impending crashes. If a crash appears to be imminent, the system engages the brakes in an attempt to avoid the collision, or minimize the impact if it cannot be avoided.

Airline Injury CompensationAn Air Passenger’s Rights

Individuals board a plane without the knowledge of the rights that they have. In the event of an unexpected air crash, it pays to know what legal actions can be done in order to keep a passenger protected in court. One should know the necessary airline injury compensation that he or she can acquire in case an unforeseen incident happens.

Aviation Accidents

workers compensationChicago’s network of trains connects millions of workers with their jobs, and families with their homes each month. Keeping this system up and running is the responsibility of the Chicago Transit Authority and the army of workers they employ. 

It is a dangerous job which places workers health and safety at risk. Just a few weeks ago, a worker fell from a ladder within a tunnel near the North/Clybourn Station. While serious, he was fortunate his injuries were not fatal.

“Public transit workers face a variety of risks every day. They can slip from icy platforms, fall onto the electrified 3rd rail, or find themselves in the path of an oncoming train. From 2004 to 2009, 19 CTA employees lost their lives simply by doing their jobs,” remarkedChicago workers’ compensation attorney Phil Bareck.

driving too fastRecently, Las Vegas, Nevada was host to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is one of the most anticipated technology events annually. This year, a concept car designed by BMW is the star of the show. This innovative concept vehicle, which has been dubbed the i8, is getting so much attention because it is designed without mirrors. With no rear view mirror and no side mirrors, many individuals are beginning to wonder about the safety of this concept car.

While the outside appearance of this vehicle is not much different than the appearance of other new vehicles, a closer look reveals that this futuristic vehicle is equipped with small cameras that point toward the rear of the vehicle. Where an individual would typically expect to see a rear view mirror, a screen displays images that display the view from the two side mirrors and a camera that is mounted on the rear windshield. The images are not are not shown in three separate views, but instead are combined to create a single image that displays everything surrounding the rear of the car.

The concept is intended to enhance a driver’s ability to view ever-changing traffic conditions and do away with the blind spots that are commonly an issue with traditional mirrors. The thought is that by eliminating “blind spots” that drivers typically experience, the number of vehicle accidents that involve merging or changing lanes will decrease.

diagnosticMedical doctors have a great deal of responsibility placed upon them. After years of training and practice, they are expected to have the skill and ability to identify symptoms and translate that into a diagnosis. That doesn’t always happen and the rates of medical misdiagnosis are happening at an alarming rate.

A study conducted by Baylor University last year indicated that up to 5% of patients are misdiagnosed every year. That’s roughly 12 million patients leaving their physicians office with bad information and inappropriate medication. Not only does this leave the medical condition untreated, it can create additional medical problems for the patient.

“The number of patients being misdiagnosed is quite alarming. Patients rely on the advice and expertise of their medical professional. When a patient knows there’s a medical problem, reports the problem and seeks out answers, there’s an expectation that the medical advise is correct. When that is not the case and the patient is misdiagnosed, the results can be catastrophic. The numbers showing the high percentage of misdiagnoses among medical professionals is a very serious medical and legal concern,” commented Chicago medical malpractice attorney Philip Bareck.

Soft-Tissue DamageSoft tissues are among the most vulnerable to long-term injuries that develop slowly and can manifest years after a worker has left a job. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI’s) affect millions of Americans who perform the same tasks day in, and day out as they perform their jobs.

RSI’s occur most commonly in “blue collar” jobs such as manufacturing or construction, however, can impact “white collar” workers whose tasks include filing, typing, etc. In fact, white collar workers who sit at desks typing all day are among the fastest growing demographic of workers seeking the assistance of Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers in pursuing claims for their injuries.

“Many workers perform physical, strenuous overuse type activities with their hands and arms which leads to soft-tissue, inflammatory injuries. If the repetitive work contributes to the injuries, these should be reported to the employer and covered under workers’ compensation in Illinois. Even if the injuries don’t require surgery, the employer is still responsible to pay for any soft-tissue repetitive stress injuries which occur at work,” commented Chicago workers’ compensation lawyer Phil Bareck.

Mr. Johnson is proud to treat his clients like family and achieve the best possible outcomes

CHICAGO, IL, December 4, 2015, Attorney at Law Richard Johnson has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in workers’ compensation.

Richard K Johnson“Individuals choose Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck because we treat our clients like family members,” says Mr. Johnson, who brings with him 23 years of legal experience to the Chicago region. At the full-service legal practice, Mr. Johnson focuses on workers’ compensation, social security disability, personal injury, unions, and labor law. He was immediately intrigued by this niche area of law; thus, he has spent his career taking on challenges that have allowed him to climb to the top of his field. In recognition of his professional excellence, U.S. News and World Report named Mr. Johnson and his team ‘Firm of the Year for Workers’ Compensation Representing Claimants’ in 2013. In addition, Mr. Johnson has been selected by his peers as an Illinois Super Lawyer in the field of Workers’ Compensation each year since 2008 and he has been selected as one of the Best Lawyers in America for the last three years by his peers.  He recently learned that he will be named among the Best Lawyers in America and the Best Worker’s Compensation Claimants Lawyer in Chicago for 2016.

ambulanceThe state experienced one of its worst accidents when on October 25th, 1995 a school bus crossing Algonquin Road was struck by a train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad, Co. The accident took the lives of seven students and prompted the Illinois Department of Transportation and Union Pacific to improve the safety of railroad crossings.

According to Operation Lifesaver, nationally there were 2,287 railroad crossing collisions in 2014 that resulted in 849 injuries, and 269 fatalities. These figures represent roughly half of what they were in 1995. Thus, it’s clear that the improvements that are being made are having a positive impact, but that there’s still much more to do.

“The Federal Highway Administration is responsible for ensuring that railroad crossings meet federal standards for safety. It is the railroad companies and local public works departments who maintain the signals and safety devices within these crossings. Working together, these three entities have taken steps to extend grade separations around crossings and improve reliability of both signals and barriers,” commented Chicago auto accident lawyer Christopher J. Johnson.