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When you live in the land of opportunity and yours passes you by, a life that began with lofty dreams and unlimited potential can result in devastating humiliation.

I know because it happened to me……

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Over the years, military servicemen and women have put their lives on the line, have been exposed to deadly toxins and have suffered injuries in a desire to keep those back home safe. As many of these veterans age, they find themselves struggling with serious health concerns as well as disabling conditions. These conditions can leave veterans struggling financially and for many, the long wait associated with applying for Social Security Disability may put them in dire straits.

Wounded warriors

The Social Security Administration has set up a wounded warriors program to assist military members who are disabled. The program applies to people who have suffered a disabling injury after October 2001. While it does not guarantee automatic approval on disability applications, the program does move those applications to the top of the pile, ensuring that military members receive an answer on their application at a faster rate than other applicants – sometimes in a matter of days.

Individuals dealing with mental health issues in Illinois can apply for benefits from the Social Security Administration’s disability program. Benefits may help to alleviate the strain brought about by an inability to get or keep a job due to mental illness.

Recognized types of mental illnesses

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 26.2 percent of adults in the U.S. have a diagnosable mental disorder each year. The number of individuals with severe mental disorders is smaller, at just less than 6 percent.

People throughout the U.S. are living with disabling physical or mental conditions. According to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, one out of every five children has a debilitating mental illness. Raising a child with special needs can put unique stresses on a family. For families who do not have good income or significant resources, it may be a struggle to provide the necessary equipment, therapies and medical care the child needs.

In some situations, disabled children may be eligible for supplemental income benefits through the Social Security Administration. To qualify, the child must be under 18 years old and have a physical or mental illness that has resulted in severely and markedly limited function. The income of the child’s parents must meet the federally established requirements for benefit eligibility. Additionally, the child has to have been disabled by the condition or be likely to be disabled by the condition for a minimum of 12 months, or be expected to perish as a result of the condition within one year.

Applying for benefits

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