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What do I do when I am injured at work?

You know your job and you know what to do when things are running smoothly and when things go wrong. However, when you get injured you may be unsure about what to do and what to say. Here are some helpful hints for figuring out what to do when you get injured at work.

1. Report everything. If you get hurt at work you should report the accident to your superiors as soon as possible. Let them know exactly what happened and when it happened. It is easy when you have a specific injury, “I picked up a box and felt a sharp pain in my low back.” It is harder when the injury is due to the repetitive and forceful activities that you do at work. If you have pain and think it is work related let somebody know about it and see a doctor. You will need to report the claim to your employer as soon as a doctor tells you that your pain may be work related. Reporting every injury does not mean you are going to a doctor or hiring a lawyer every time. You are documenting that something happened. If you get hurt on Thursday but do not report it until the following Monday your employer may question your claim. Report the accident as soon as possible.

Attorney Frank J. Bertuca (left) recently won a landmark case in front of the IL Appellate Court for our union baggage handler who was employed at United Airlines. The Illinois Appellate Court unanimously reversed the circuit court and ruled that our client was entitled to a weekly differential check as a result of his work accident.  The case summary was published in the July 17, 2013 edition of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law Bulletin.  United Airlines Inc. v. (Young), Ill. App. Ct., 1st  2013.”





A San Francisco airline worker making their first United Airlines injury claim may find the process quite daunting. There are time sensitive forms to be filled out and phone calls to make, all while in the midst of dealing with the pain and treatment of the injury itself. According to information from an United Airlines handbook addressing occupational injury procedures, failure to meet these requirements can result in a reduction of benefits or even result in a claim being denied. Consulting an attorney for assistance with the process can be helpful in making sure that everything goes as smoothly as it should.

Injury Notification

A work related injury must be reported immediately, even if a San Francisco airline worker is injured on the job in Washington DC. That can be done in person or by telephone, but it is supposed to be done right away. This is important because all United Airlines injury claims are investigated thoroughly before workers’ compensation benefits are approved. In addition to the verbal notification, there will be formal forms to fill out, describing the incident in detail and providing witness contact information. A San Francisco United Airlines flight attendant is required to send this written report in within 24 hours.

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