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Illinois Traffic Fatality Attorneys

Thanks to stricter laws and advances in technology, you’d expect our roadways to be safer than ever – but you’d be wrong. Starting in 2006, U.S. traffic fatalities began decreasing, and they continued to decrease for six straight years. But in 2012, fatal accidents suddenly spiked. Vehicle related deaths went up 4.4% in a single year, and the numbers continue to rise. Our attorneys are experienced in Chicago workers compensation claims, so they know first-hand how serious this rising trend in fatalities truly is.

Although traffic fatalities are rising, the U.S. isn’t the most dangerous country for drivers. Out of every 100,000 drivers on the road every year, only 12.2 will be killed in an accident – a number that’s much smaller than what you’ll find when you examine some other countries. Currently, the country with the most dangerous driving conditions is the small African nation of Eritrea, where 48.4 drivers out of every 100,000 will be killed annually. This helps to put things into perspective, but it doesn’t change the fact that traffic fatalities are growing in the U.S.

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