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Snakes On a Plane: Surprising Reasons Flying is Dangerous

| Jun 24, 2013 | News Articles, Worker Comp Blog |

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Flying is dangerous. It’s a fact that Hollywood directors are all to happy to remind us about as they fill movie screens with fiery crashes, midair explosions and some pretty creative catastrophes like, say, an entire airliner full of exotic snakes. Our United Airlines workers comp attorneys at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca will be the first to tell you that often the “friendly skies” are anything but.

The real causes of accidents and injuries, however, are often slightly more mundane than what you see in the movies. The dangers facing passengers, pilots, flight attendants and other airline workers aren’t always glamorous, tragic or even exciting, but they’re all very real. Here are just a few of the dangers you could be facing every time you fly:

Five Reasons Why Flying is Dangerous

  1. Stairways, escalators and walkways. There are few places in this world as chaotic and stressful as an airport. As passengers dart through terminals with heavy suitcases, screaming children and untied shoe laces, accidents are bound to happen – especially on stairways, escalators and moving walkways, where clothing can become caught, people can trip and frenzied travelers can make a bad accident even worse.
  2. Food and drink burns. It’s not easy to stay chipper and helpful during a red-eye flight, so it’s no wonder so many flight attendants and pilots grab coffee to go as they rush from gate to gate. Combine hot food and drinks with the hectic pace of an airport and workers and passengers are at a much higher risk from being mildly or severely burned.
  3. Flying food carts. Most airline passengers are happy to see the food cart coming their way. That is, of course, unless it’s barreling through the air. But believe it or not, that very thing can, and has, happened when planes experience turbulence in flight. In fact, on a recent flight to Miami a food cart even smashed a hole in a plane’s ceiling and landed atop a female flight attendant.
  4. Flying suitcases. If you’ve ever had a loose suitcase fall from the overhead compartment and hit you, you are not alone. It happens quite often, and although some people are barely injured, others can require stitches, splints or even casts. Our Illinois workers compensation lawyers will tell you that baggage handlers are also routinely injured not just by heavy luggage, but also by the conveyer belts and other machinery used to sort and transport bags.
  5. Allergies, illnesses and poisoning. When you chow down in a jetliner full of hundreds of people, your risks of getting sick are much higher than when you eat lunch at home. Allergens can find their way onto the wrong plates, foods can spoil and everyday bacteria and viruses can spread from one coughing passenger to the entire cabin. Some flyers escape with just a sore throat, but others may go into anaphylactic shock or contract life-threatening illnesses or diseases.

If you’re injured in an airport or airplane, remember that even if your accident doesn’t inspire a blockbuster action film, it’s still a serious matter. From bumps and bruises to airplane fatalities, every victim deserves to find justice, so don’t be ashamed to reach out and ask for help.

Our lawyers know that flying is dangerous. We have experience with all types of aviation litigation, from United Airlines workers comp to personal injury lawsuits. We know that it takes strength and courage to fight for your rights when you’re up against billion-dollar corporations. But we aren’t afraid to help you stand up for yourself and send a clear message – that your accident matters, that you matter and that you won’t let your voice be silenced.