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Will Mirrorless Cars Help Prevent Car Accidents?

| Feb 8, 2016 | Automobile Accidents, Press Releases |

Recently, Las Vegas, Nevada was host to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is one of the most anticipated technology events annually. This year, a concept car designed by BMW is the star of the show. This innovative concept vehicle, which has been dubbed the i8, is getting so much attention because it is designed without mirrors. With no rear view mirror and no side mirrors, many individuals are beginning to wonder about the safety of this concept car.

While the outside appearance of this vehicle is not much different than the appearance of other new vehicles, a closer look reveals that this futuristic vehicle is equipped with small cameras that point toward the rear of the vehicle. Where an individual would typically expect to see a rear view mirror, a screen displays images that display the view from the two side mirrors and a camera that is mounted on the rear windshield. The images are not are not shown in three separate views, but instead are combined to create a single image that displays everything surrounding the rear of the car.

The concept is intended to enhance a driver’s ability to view ever-changing traffic conditions and do away with the blind spots that are commonly an issue with traditional mirrors. The thought is that by eliminating “blind spots” that drivers typically experience, the number of vehicle accidents that involve merging or changing lanes will decrease.

A Chicago car accident attorney will see numerous accident claims go through the courts in any given year, and according to many, the implementation of the use of these types of cameras could be a long awaited solution. In fact, Chicago car accident attorney Phillip Bareck states that “It is likely that such personal injuries that are sustained from these types of accidents could be prevented entirely.”