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Scores of injury claims for flight attendants are not filed every year due to lack of information, lack of perseverance and mostly due to fear. Flight attendants get hurt on the job. Whether due to turbulence, lifting heavy bags, pushing carts, ground transportation and layover accidents or repetitive trauma, injuries for flight attendants are common. Whether you call it an “occupational,” “IOD” (injury on duty), job injury or workers’ compensation claim, your rights as an injured worker are established by law. The Illinois Workers Compensation Act provides benefits for the injured, including medical expenses, lost income protection through weekly payments known as Temporary Total Disability (TTD) and compensation for permanent partial and total disability known as a “settlement” or “award.” The Illinois Workers Compensation Act is a no-fault system, which means the flight attendant need not prove their employer did anything unsafe or wrong to be eligible for benefits. These benefits are in place for the injured to get the help they need to recover from the injury and minimize the hardships that may result from the injury. Illinois workers compensation is the best benefit available to UAL flight attendants injured on the job.

Many United Airline flight attendants based or domiciled outside of the United States in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Narita and Guam deprive themselves of these benefits by not filing a workers compensation claim in Illinois when injured.

There is nothing to fear. Some flight attendants tell us they will not pursue a claim when injured because they are afraid they will be fired from their job. It is illegal to fire, harass or retaliate against an employee for filing an occupational claim or hiring an attorney to pursue it. Additionally, the union contract between the AFA and United Airlines protects against United Airlines terminating the flight attendant’s employment. Our firm has successfully helped United Airline flight attendants injured on the job for over 50 years. We have represented many internationally domiciled flight attendants including United-AFA union, MEC and LEC officers.

Some flight attendants fear dealing with United Airlines’ Claims Administrator, Gallagher Bassett. After filing an occupational injury claim, some flight attendants give up and forego the benefits they are entitled to due to frustration with Gallagher Bassett. Injured flight attendants report at times a lack of response, delay in authorization or payment of benefits, or a denial and are not aware that they can get help. We can help minimize the lack of response, delay in benefits and appeal denials. The injured flight attendant should then be able to focus on healing from the injury, and promptly returning to work when fit for duty without further hardship. If preferred, in some cases we can help the flight attendant secure medical treatment in the United States. Most importantly, we are labor lawyers, as well as workers compensation lawyers. We are familiar with the AFA negotiated contract with UAL and expert at integrating the benefits of the Illinois Workers Compensation Act and the benefits under the union contract.

Internationally domiciled United Airline flight attendants, in addition to those based in the U.S., can contact us for a free case consultation. If we do not recover benefits or monetary compensation for you, our services are free. Also, there is no charge or cost to file your Illinois Workers Compensation claim. You will not be required to fly to Chicago to file your case. We can communicate with you via skype, email or telephone.

Take action. As in most legal matters, there are time limits or deadlines to report and file work injury claims. Flight attendants should promptly contact an attorney with any questions about a potential claim. When you know your rights, you can make an informed decision.

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