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Christopher J. Johnson Obtains Jury Verdict In Excess Of $1M

| Dec 1, 2022 | Firm News |

Earlier this year, Christopher J. Johnson obtained a jury verdict against Fed-Ex in excess of $1 million dollars following a successful trucking accident trial. Christopher was also successful in obtaining our client post judgement and rarely awarded pre-judgement interest on the jury verdict resulting in a total recovery of $1,178,586.06.

Our client was injured when a Fed-Ex double-trailer truck rear ended his vehicle on I-64 in downstate Illinois near St. Louis. As a result of his injuries, he required surgery but fortunately recovered and was able to return to his regular work. Katz Friedman’s, partner, Philip Bareck initially filed the workers’ compensation claim which was contentious as his employer denied payment and claimed no workers’ compensation insurance. Phil fought for and received weekly time off checks directly from the company (which is quite rare) and kept the case pending to protect our client’s workers’ compensation rights until the verdict became final. Our client was incredibly grateful for the legal work provided to secure his recovery. Katz Friedman continues to represent those injured in workers’ compensation and truck/vehicle accidents throughout the State of Illinois.

“Although to get to this result, we had to take approximately 15 depositions of witnesses and doctors and invested one week of trial time, I am thrilled we were able to convince the jury to award our client greater compensation than the defendant was willing to pay,” said Christopher J. Johnson. Christopher continues to pursue justice for victims of personal injury cases including car and truck accidents, slip and fall and other personal injuries in Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois. Christopher takes pride in his ability to guide his clients through life changing events for the best outcomes.