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Will Chat GPT And Chat GPT 4 Help Me Win My Chicago Car Accident Case?

| Mar 27, 2023 | News Articles |

Have you tried using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to win your personal injury case? If you think that these websites will help you against an insurance company, think again. For many people, (AI) used to seem like something that only existed in post-apocalyptic science fiction movies. We already know that Amazon and other companies are using AI and automation to take jobs away from ordinary Americans. For many of us, the AI that we see on to buy products we didn’t know that we needed and when we order an Uber or Lyft have become an ordinary part of our daily lives. Few of us would imagine AI to creep into our lives when we are the victims of another driver causing a car collision and causing us personal injury. However, the fear raised in such movies was probably not unfounded when it comes to how insurance companies view your car crash claim against their driver. Imagine being injured by a driver after you or even someone else uses AI to order products from or to order a ride share only to have those same companies insurance carriers use similar AI against you to stop or drastically lower your recovery.

The insurance industry has been using forms of advanced AI for at least two decades. Former Allstate executives have even sounded the alarm about the unfairness of its AI to pay out on claims. Several states have sued various insurance companies for their misuse of AI because they claim that the software is rigged to make low ball offers and take advantage of injured people.

The insurance industry has further plans for using AI to cut down on settlements all the while increasing premiums. (read more about the plans  here.

It all goes back to the nature of the insurance industry. An insurance company does not make money if it pays out more than the monthly premiums that it collects from its drivers. In fact, this would lead to bankruptcy. It is common knowledge among attorneys that insurance companies use a motto of “deny, delay, defend,” which is also known as “deny, delay, don’t pay.”  This attack plan works very effectively against people who haven’t hired an attorney because insurance companies are expecting most people to take low offers. If someone doesn’t take a computer-generated offer, then they would be stuck navigating the procedures and practices of Illinois courts, which are no picnic for an untrained and inexperienced person outside the legal field. Courts dismiss valid lawsuits everyday due to the injured person not knowing the procedure or law.

With an insurance company making low offers based on AI, the best option still remains to hire an attorney because the court system ultimately comes down to the decision of a jury. The experienced trial lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca have experience litigating against the insurance industry across all parts of Illinois. To set up a free case evaluation, contact us at 312-724-5846 or contact us through our website portal.