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Top Five Dangerous Behaviors that Cause Car Accidents

| Feb 20, 2016 | Automobile Accidents |

Driving is dangerous. There are multiple hazards around every corner and staying safe is sometimes tricky. If drivers are aware that their behavior contributes to increased risk of accidents, they can take steps to avoid unnecessary risks. Year after year, Chicago’s car accident attorneys notice five driver behaviors contributing to crashes more often than others, these are listed here:

5. Speeding

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data for 2013 shows speed was a contributing factor in nearly 30% of fatal crashes. These accidents account for over $40 billion in costs annually. The fine paid by the speeder is only a minor part of the total “cost” of a speed-related crash

4. Intoxication

Nearly 10,000 people died in alcohol-related collisions in 2014. These accidents involved a driver with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more and account for over 30% of all road fatalities in the USA. Despite multiple programs in most areas providing a ride home to intoxicated people, victims of drunk drivers make up a steady stream of consultations for Chicago car accident attorneys.

3. Fatigue

A 2104 study conducted by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation revealed that nearly 40% of drivers admit having fallen asleep behind the wheel at least once in their lives. Because our society is increasingly “open all hours”, it can be difficult for drivers to draw the line and take a break, which is why professional drivers are bound by regulations controlling their hours behind the wheel. Ordinary citizens most at risk for drowsy driving are those under 29 years of age and those who work late-night shifts. The NHTSA studies on drowsy driving recommend educating drivers as the best remedy to the problem.

2. Light skipping

Virtually everyone who has ever driven a car will admit they have gunned it to make it across the line before a light turned red. Chicago car accident attorneys know that this behavior is an epidemic in our area, leading to 2,000 injuries annually according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

1. Distraction

Distracted driving is a broad term encompassing everything from those who use cell phones and other electronic devices while driving to people who are touching up their makeup, joking with their passengers or adjusting the radio station. In 2014 alone, 3,197 people died due to distracted drivers. Distracted driving accounts for 10% of all automobile-related fatalities.