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Know Your Rights in the Case of an Aviation Accident

| Mar 20, 2016 | Personal Injury, Press Releases |

An Air Passenger’s Rights

Individuals board a plane without the knowledge of the rights that they have. In the event of an unexpected air crash, it pays to know what legal actions can be done in order to keep a passenger protected in court. One should know the necessary airline injury compensation that he or she can acquire in case an unforeseen incident happens.

Aviation Accidents

Accidents that involve airplanes are a rare occurrence. However, one still needs to know what the types of accidents are and how they differ to each other. Accidents related to airplanes are often times catastrophic in nature, and the victims can be both the passengers, as well as the community and properties that the airplane will crash into. Aviation accidents may result from the following:

  • Pilot Error
  • Engine Failure
  • Air-Traffic Control Mistakes
  • Altimeter Failure

Katz Friedman, a personal injury lawyer, stated that “Regardless of the cause, passengers who boarded the airplane on the time of accident may avail of the airline injury compensation through legal means. However, the claims still need to undergo proper evaluation before they can be granted.”

Injury Claims

Injury claims involving aviation accidents may be divided into either mechanical failure or product reliability. Both of these claims have certain bylaws that govern them, and thus need proper legal assistance in order to process. Individuals who want to claim for the injury claims need to have a legal counsel who is knowledgeable to the particular aviation laws. Through the lawyer, certain transactions may be possible, and these can be settled prior to the trial itself to avoid any further inconveniences.

All citizens are entitled to these injury claims as mandated by the law. However, they still need to prove the validity of their claims in order to the settlement to be granted.


Airline passengers need to know their rights whenever an aviation accident occurs. Though these are rare instances, in the event that an aviation accident happens, its passengers as well as other properties that might get damaged by the aircraft through the accident can file a personal injury claim.