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Your doctor can help us prove your Social Security Disability claim

| Feb 8, 2017 | Social Security Disability |

Social Security claims require medical evidence to prove disability. When we go to a hearing we need to know that there is medical evidence to prove your case. We have searched Social Security’s record. If there are missing items we make sure to order those records and admit them to the record. We have also read the records to make sure they prove that you are disabled. If your doctor says that you are able to work you cannot win your case. Your doctor needs to give specific restrictions that are supported by the medical records. For example, if you have an injured back, how much can you lift? Can you lift 20 lbs? 10 lbs, 5 lbs? Will your doctor say that you are able to perform heavy medium, light or sedentary duty? Are there any other issues such as the need to take a break or restrictions on bending? More details help Social Security understand why you claim to be disabled.

Depending on your age, education and other skills we may know what level of disability will qualify you for benefits. For example if you are 51 years old, have limited education and do not have transferable skills you will be disabled if you can only perform at the sedentary level. We can then ask your doctor if you are at that level. When your doctor writes back that you are at the sedentary level or puts that information in your record he or she is helping us prove your claim. Thank you doctor!