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The Life-Changing Impact that an Illinois Commercial Truck Accident Can Have on Those Injured and the Families of Those Killed

| Mar 1, 2019 | Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury |

Many times, a truck accident has the potential to change the lives of multiple people… and change them forever. Those killed have their lives cut needlessly short. The decedent’s loved ones must deal with the emotional and the financial fallout of the unexpected loss. Obviously, no amount of money can take the place of the love, support, companionship, affection and wisdom of a lost loved one. That undeniable fact does not, however, change another fact, which is that the untimely loss of a loved one may create a massive financial hardship for those left behind.

A fatally injured victim in his 40s may have had a spouse and teenage children at home, and that family likely relied in whole or in part upon that person’s income to make ends meet. A person in her mid 60s may also still be working and providing both emotional and financial support to her family members. A victim in his 20s may be newly married with an infant at home who relied on her in many ways. All of these families could have suffered incalculable emotional losses and extensive financial ones, as well. An experienced Chicago truck accident attorney can help you in this vulnerable time to deal with the legal side of your needs.

Recently, the Illinois Supreme Court entered a ruling in a long-running case involving a tragic accident in Will County. J.S. was a 66-year-old husband and father of two from Naperville who had made a career in the commercial lending business. J.S., along with T.S., a 42-year-old man from Seneca (as well as many other drivers), were traveling along northbound Interstate 55 near Plainfield when the lives of their families and many others would be forever changed. At a little before 10 a.m., there was a wreck along I-55 and that had caused a backup. D.H., a trucker from Utah hauling a load of potatoes from Idaho to Bolingbrook, did not notice the slowed traffic in front of her soon enough. She tried to stop, but her truck slammed into the vehicles in front of her.

At the end, the crash impacted nine vehicles. J.S. and T.S. were crushed to death in the accident. W.T., another man in his 40s from the Chicagoland area, suffered serious injuries. After the accident, the state’s attorney charged the trucker with driving on a suspended license and falsifying her logbook.

Even if you not injured fatally, as was the case for W.T., the impact can be devastating. The injuries you suffer could leave you with permanent disabilities, which may make you totally unable to work in your chosen career path going forward. That can create a major financial hardship for your family.

Considering all those things, it is important to act promptly when it comes to your legal rights. The law may give you the opportunity to pursue various parties for different types of damages. These may include wrongful death, past and future lost wages, past and future pain and suffering and past and future medical expenses. It is important to have skilled Illinois injury counsel on your side to help you identify the correct defendants. In this case, the trucker was the owner and operator of her vehicle. Many times, these individuals may have limited assets. In the Will County accident, the families sued not only the trucker, but also two other companies, including the federally licensed logistics company that that brokered the transportation of the potatoes from Idaho to Bolingbrook. That was very important as the total amount of damages awarded by the jury in this case exceeded $23.7 million, a sum they probably would have been much less likely to recover solely from the trucker herself.

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