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Central Illinois Family Receives $2.1M Settlement for Mechanic’s Fatal Elevator Accident at Work

| Apr 15, 2019 | Workplace Injury |

In a workplace injury circumstance, as with any kind of personal injury situation, cases can vary widely. Sometimes, all of the causes and relevant facts surrounding a workplace accident may be completely apparent or, at least, readily obtainable. Other times, though, there may be very important questions whose answers are difficult, or even impossible, to discover. When that happens, one thing you definitely should not do is simply give up on the possibility of obtaining compensation for the harm you suffered. One thing you definitely should do is arm yourself with complete information by consulting with a knowledgeable Chicago injury attorney. Even with some missing details, your experienced workplace injury attorney may very possibly be able to stitch together a sufficient narrative of the case that meets all of the law’s requirements for potentially obtaining an award of damages, thereby allowing you to pursue compensation either via settlement or judgment.

For one central Illinois man, the circumstances of his workplace injury were tragic. As reported by The Pantagraph, J.H. was a maintenance mechanic for a county government. J.H.’s duties included working at the county’s Law and Justice Center. One day in May 2015, co-workers found the mechanic at the bottom of an elevator shaft in the Law and Justice Center. He was dead, having perished from blunt force trauma and compressional asphyxia, which essential means being crushed to death. Investigators later discovered that the mechanic had entered the shaft in order to obtain an item that a visitor to the center had lost down the shaft, the report indicated.

Workplace accidents involving elevators, like J.H.’s fatal incident, may allow the deceased worker’s family to sue and to recover against multiple parties. In Illinois, the owner of the property where the elevator accident occurred is one person or entity that may owe compensation to the injured worker. They are required to engage in the highest degree of care to make certain that the elevators within their properties are sufficiently inspected and maintained to ensure safety.

Primarily, though, the parties most closely involved in the failure are the ones who will be chiefly liable. In a case where a worker’s elevator accident occurs because the elevator was not maintained properly and the elevator inspector should have caught the problem but didn’t, then the company responsible for maintenance and the company responsible for inspection may be the two that bear the largest burden in terms of damages.

That’s what happened in J.H.’s case. Recognizing that the mechanic’s family had a strong lawsuit to present to the court, the defendants settled. The maintenance company paid $1 million, the company responsible for inspections paid $1 million and the county paid $125,000, meaning that the mechanic’s family secured a total of $2.125 million in settlement compensation.

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