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Illinois Airline Accident Attorneys

Flying is dangerous. It’s a fact that Hollywood directors are all to happy to remind us about as they fill movie screens with fiery crashes, midair explosions and some pretty creative catastrophes like, say, an entire airliner full of exotic snakes. Our United Airlines workers comp attorneys at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca will be the first to tell you that often the “friendly skies” are anything but.

The real causes of accidents and injuries, however, are often slightly more mundane than what you see in the movies. The dangers facing passengers, pilots, flight attendants and other airline workers aren’t always glamorous, tragic or even exciting, but they’re all very real. Here are just a few of the dangers you could be facing every time you fly:

Medical Mistakes Attorneys of Chicago

Medical mistakes can happen to anyone. In July of 2012, Frederick S. Southwick, a professor of medicine at the University of Florida, received a leg amputation because of a preventable medical error that had happened 17 years earlier. As an advocate for medical malpractice prevention – as well as the widower of a woman who died because of medical mistakes – you’d expect Southwick to be the last person to suffer from a malpractice accident himself.

Unfortunately, these traumatic events are increasingly common. For decades, our Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys have fought for the rights of people who have been victimized by medical mistakes. How can you prevent a mistake that could lead to injury or even death? These tips can help.

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